Glitter Butterfly Decoration Handmade Pink Purple Blue Green

Handmade Glitter Butterfly pack of 9

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Sold in packs of 9 assorted colors. With a wing size of 12 cm approx 5 inches wingspan it  is large enough to instantly draw attention to its delicate wings and the colours, each butterly uniquely made with its own glitter design and colour. Butterflies have always found favour not just in theme parties but also in décor, bouquets at weddings and in numerous other ways including accessorization. These handmade glitter butterflies offer not just numerous kinds of usability but also come in a gorgeous collection very close to the real look with their handmade charm and unique design seen in each piece.  while the flexibility of the material used will allow it to be used on soft or rigid surfaces with equal ease. Placing it on walls for butterfly theme bedroom or worked into a fabric will not be a bother. The range of colours they come in will blend it with most of ones requirements be it as decoration on cakes or to do up an accessory like hair clips or a brooch for your little one's birthday frock. The uses are many and it simply depends on ones imagination to make it work its magic. An ornamentation idea that captures the beauty of a butterfly and passes it to all things that it is used on; this handmade butterfly collection is more than simple decoration - it makes dreams seem tangible.

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