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Butterfly Wing Organza Ornament Decoration

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A handmade butterfly  made with gossamer organza panning out  approx 4.5 inches 14 cm that makes for not just a fascinating stand alone decorative as much as an embellishment for numerous occasions and objects associated with weddings, anniversaries, theme decorations and dressing. A butterfly in all its glory, its wings panning out to capture dreams and fantasies - this organza hand crafted butterfly has been crafted so well that it instantly draws attention to its tiny detailing on the wings, the head and the myriad colours adorning it. It does not take too much of imagination to work on ways to incorporate it into decorations for Christmas, a birthday, or part of a wedding décor, or maybe even as an add on to your darling's fairy dress. Placed anywhere this piece looks riveting in its beauty and adds loads of class and charisma to any dress or prop that it's placed on. Whether placed on a dress, a wand or a wall, it works its charm owing much to its glittery wings and its well proportioned size that blends in so beautifully. Its usage is easy and numerous as it may be fastened rather easily with the green florist wire provided at the back.

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