Butterfly Ornament Organza Glitter design Wings 25cm wingspan hot pink
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Butterfly organza glitter wings decoration ornament lime lilac 25cm
Pink Butterfly  wings decoration Ornament decoration DIY craft project supplies
Hot Pink Butterfly decoration 25cm Organza glittery wings design pinched wings
Purple glitter butterfly decoration organza glittered wings wire at back
Turquoise Blue Purple Gold Butterfly decoration glitter design pinched wings tree butterfly theme ornament

Butterfly Decoration Organza Glitter Wings

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The magical power of a butterfly is captured in all its magnificence in this majestically sized piece whose wings span 25 cm allowing it to make its presence felt wherever it's placed - 

Catching the light with all its glittering beauty this 25 cm wing span butterfly is not only a pleasure to look at but packs in a punch when it comes to its usability. Sparkling up corners in your child's room, ready for flight as if to some fantasy land or as part of the décor at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries - this butterfly is a head turner in every sense. The wings pan out gloriously, beautifully defined by glitter streaks while its organza wings seem delicate and fragile so much like a real butterfly. 

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