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Feather Butterfly decortation 12 pieces vibrant colors

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This set of 12 butterflies made from natural feather are the lightest and the most natural looking addition not just to décor but also as cake decorations, and as an embellishment to theme dressing and simply as part of the décor. Be it your high chignon or the cake you baked for your daughter's butterfly theme party - use these feather light butterflies in their glittering avatar to do up all of it with great flourish. The size which is at 9 cm or 3.5 inches which allows it to sit daintily atop bouquets as much as on roses you have made with icing on the birthday cake. Place it in pretty little arrangements here and there around the room and also tuck one into your hair and that of your daughter's to make the theme come alive. The pretty shades these butterflies come in allows it to be used on hair bands, dresses, table decorations and on floral décor. The easy clasp on wire at the back makes it flexible in its usage. You are bound to find a colour you love from the range it is available in.

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