We love butterflies at our Fairy Magic work space in Byron Bay Australia. In fact Australia is home to more than 400 species, so we have many opportunities to be inspired by them in all their magnificence. Pick up large butterfly wings in a range of exquisite colours, custom made, hand dyed, and perfect for brilliant costumes, or catch hold of tiny glittery butterflies at Fairy Magic that you can use to create astonishing atmospheres for weddings and other celebratory events. Whether you're putting on a show, walking in a parade, or having a holiday or theme party, our product range is large and varied. We've helped wedding planners, florists, specialty decorators, and custom shops with ideas and products that work for their clients. • Florists love boxes of coloured feather butterflies for their floral arrangements. • Wedding decorators string them up in trees with lights, and use them as part of centerpieces and tablescapes. • They make wonderful place/name holders and favors. • Caterers use them on wedding and specialty cakes. • They make great decorations for gifts and special occasions. • Little girls are especially fond of the butterfly hairclips.

 Butterflies have been part of legends throughout the world, representing fire, death, warriors, and travelers, and the winged form of a butterfly has been used as a symbol for the human soul since ancient times. The physical metamorphosis of the butterfly has been represented by Fairy Magic for 24 years. Let us help you choose the right decorative butterflies or butterfly wings to suit your occasion. If you want to know a little more about butterflies to aid in your decision, here are some bits from ancient legend.  Ancient Greek mythology talks of Psyche (pronounced SY-kee), the goddess of love and flowers, who appeared as a butterfly-like divinity. Once a mortal woman, she was thought to have been incarnated as the goddess of the soul and always appeared with butterfly wings. • Along with the snake, the butterfly is one of the most frequently represented animals. • Butterflies adorned the outer ring of the Aztec calendar and were found on wall paintings and among the gold ornaments owned by high-ranking officials. • In folklore, bats are sometimes called "black butterflies". • Butterflies like to hover around milk pails and butter churns, hence the name "butterfly".

Looking for ornaments or decorations? Our fourteen centimeter wingspan butterfly is used as a Christmas tree ornament or room decoration and comes in twelve gorgeous colour combinations: • White and gold • Turquoise • Purple and turquoise • Purple and silver • Pink and silver • Lime green • Blue and lilac • Hot pink Select small butterflies that  Browse our catalogue to choose a colour that works with your child's room, your party's theme, or your costume.  Large brightly colored wings are used in runway shows, photo shoots, parades, theater, dance, theme parties, as part of bridal party outfits or by the bride alone, and as part of visual displays in store windows for caterers, florists, and boutiques. Find your perfect butterflies and wings at Fairy Magic. We're here all year long to help you with your selections in sizing, styles, and colors. If you love butterflies, you'll love to know: • Some native tribes believe that butterflies bring our dreams while we're sleeping. • Women embroidered the sign of a butterfly on a small piece of cloth or animal skin and tied it in a baby's hair when she wanted it to go to sleep. • In a ritual called the "Butterfly Dance", the spirit of the butterfly is personified. • Butterflies are often seen as the spirit of a lost loved one hovering near the living to remind them of everything that's real in this world. Making your selection of the perfect butterflies should come from your sense of connection to the ethereal world of magic, from which we gain all inspiration and intuition. In the midst of the darkness, small particles of light may dot your mind's eye. They will glisten brightly like diamonds on black velvet. In that moment, you will know the spirit of the butterfly, the loved one, or the soul. Here are some other names for butterflies: • Butterflies • Summer birds • Summerflies • Living glow • Schmatterlings • Vlinders • Mariposas • Flitterke • Little birds or God's little birds • In Irish they're called féileacán (fay-la-cawn) which bears some resemblance to fae or faerie. • peplim (pee plim´) after which dress peplums are named "I do not know whether I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am a butterfly dreaming I was a man". –Chuang Tse

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