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Wooden Bead Necklace

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These natural wooden bead necklaces are all handcrafted and each piece has its own unique structure, design and colour combination in different shades. The all natural colour effect of the beads is very organic and interspersed with darker and lighter hues to create a perfect highlight for each design. The beads have been carefully crafted from different shades of wood, are smooth and well varnished. Each one has great character and uniqueness. It maybe worn in a single string or in layers topping one with another to form a set of different colours in shades of browns and darker browns. Lightweight and beaded in an even manner - they highlight the skill of craftsmanship and the beauty of natural colour effect in its purest depiction. For the nature child look wear wooden bead necklaces that come in a variety of bead colours and designs, crafted to perfection and in keeping with the most elemental of designs. A great buy for those wanting to embellish their little surfer look with natural colours and like wearing things handmade.

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