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White feather Angel Halo headband ring

Angel Halo

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Angel Halo for adults and children, The 15 cm diameter halo ring on which the marabou feathers are attached is well balanced and stays firmly in position on the head.  The headband itself is neatly covered with satin ribbon and looks pretty as a hair accessory. Create just the right effect for a fairytale costume with this angel halo made from the softest of delicate marabou feathers, neatly created on a hair band allowing you to adjust it for an adult or child with equal ease. A classic accessory for all special occasion costumes - be it for a birthday, Christmas carols, Christmas Angel Fairy in a parade or school play. Among fairyland accessories the Angel Halo is the easiest and the most conducive for usage as it requires to be worn simply like a hair band and creates a fun and dramatic halo effect. The soft  marabou feather indeed is dense and does give the appearance of a halo floating right above the head. It's light weight and does not cause any kind of heaviness or discomfort to the wearer.  


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