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Dragonfly on stick blue wand ribbon glitter
dragon fly wand stick black pink ribbon glitter fairy butterfly
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handmade glitter dragon fly wing wand feather
handmade blue gold dragonfly wings wand
dragon fly stick handmade black blue pink green dragonfly wings wand
Dragonfly Wand

Dragonfly Wand

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The delicate dragonfly with its iridescent wings that can flutter at amazing speed is as if resting on this 25 cm long stick. The colours and the glittery design make this piece mesmerizingly real in its beauty. A great pick for casual decorations on anniversaries and birthdays.Dragonflies have always amazed us with their grace and great speed of flying cavorting in the air like no other creature can. Make this creature part of your decor by using these gorgeously designed dragonflies on sticks. Available in glittering colours like black, blue and pink, you can choose one that matches your colour scheme. A child would love to have one as a party favour. The wings span out to about 12 cm and the dragonfly has a glittering pattern on its wings that catches the light instantly making it look magical. This wand will be an instant hit with children who love creatures that fly such as dragonflies as they are admired for their amazing speed of flying and their innate beauty. 


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