Here in this collection you will find fun accessories Fairywear, Crowns, Headwear, Bags, Jewellery, Wands  to accompany your costume or a perfect little gift, stocking filler, birthday wish gift or christmas gift. The selection is here for you to look through, have fun ask questions or go right ahead and order items.

Wands. Everyone knows that fairies carry magic wands. So do wizards and good witches like Glynda, the Good Witch of the North. Even some mermaids, gods, and goddesses carry magic wands. At Fairy Magic, you can get the wand you need to be the fairy or supernatural creature you find irresistible. Looking for a magic wand?

The secrets and instructions for making a magic wand are very specific.
"The wand of hazel nut tree should be from wood that is of one year's growth only. They should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke, on the day of Mercury (Wednesday), at sunrise. The characters shown should be engraved thereon in the same day and hour."
So you see, it's not that easy, but here in our workshops, we've devised a way to make wands suitable for all fairies and princesses and butterflies and mermaids, and even some good little witches. Of course, we don't have to go out and cut a hazel nut tree. We have fairy help.
Choose from a variety of wands to go with the costume you love. Glittery swirls, heart, star, and butterfly shapes, tiny dolls, sequins, tulle, ribbons and bows, wings, and streamers are all part of our handmade collection of wands.
Use our handmade wands for all sorts of occasions.
• They make great party favors for little girls' parties 
• Imagine their surprise when you hand a magic wand to your grown-up guests at a bachelorette party, bridal shower, bridal breakfast, or costume party
• Stick them in centre pieces for weddings and other theme parties
• Place them across individual table settings or use them as name holders
• Stand them in bushes at an outdoor party
• Create a bouquet to walk down the aisle, set on a counter, or place in a pot
It's loads of fun to hold a magic wand at a party and cast spells on others. Our fairy magic wands only work for good spells and wishes of course.
• Grant invisibility
• Give someone the wish of their choice
• Turn a frog into a prince
• Let the wand decide; some wands have their own power and some give power to the holder
Of course, our wands are make-believe. We wouldn't want anyone being turned into a frog or making their friends invisible (you may not be able to find them again) unless the wand holder has experience with that sort of thing. 
Different wands come in different color varieties and some come in two sizes. 
Tell us what your vision is for your:
• Individual costume
• Theme party
• Wedding or other event
• Birthday or anniversary party
• Children's party
• Dance group
• Theater production
We'll help you choose from magenta, light or dark pinks, green, blue, purple, lilac, gold, silver, and black so your wands complement your look perfectly. We're happy to take special orders to accommodate any size celebration. Talk to us about creating color combinations that work with your color palette.

• Wands are strong with padding to make them extra safe for play
• Match them with your fairy costume, fairy wings or glittery sequined tiara
• Use them for dress-up day at school
• Keep them in your costume box or hang them near your bed
• Let each of your bridesmaids and your flower girl hold one instead of flowers
• Have a wand handed to each of your wedding guests as they enter the reception venue
• Create a triple whammy as you walk down the aisle with wings, tiara, and wand
You can buy them individually or contact us for a bulk  order. We're here all year long to answer your questions. 
Send us an Instagram of your event with you and your friends, wedding party, or children wearing our costumes, wings, and wands. We love to see all the great things you're doing with them and we'll add your pictures to our collection. The fairies will be very pleased.