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Fringe Beaded Sequin Collar light baby blue, Mermaid necklace Genie Aladin
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Hot pink Sequin Necklace costume mermaid collar
Baby Pink Fringe Necklace Mermaid Collar Choker
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Sequin Beaded Collar Belly Dance Arabian Nights Genie Aladin party theme costume accessory

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Sequin Beaded Collar Belly dancer Arabian Nights Aladin Genie  theme party accessory. Handmade fringe choker costume jewelry good quality. Great colors and design come together in a beautiful confluence of beauty and elegance. This collar made from the combination of beads and sequins creates the right look. The colour options are bright and electrifying, with a pretty design at the centre made with beads on a background of sequins and a fancy droplet row of beads. The necklace it is worn with will immediately gain a different look owing much to the Fringed look of the collar. Covering the entire neck and greatly suitable for wearing with dance costumes and special dressing necessary on special occasions, this sequined collar is easy to wear having a velcro fastener at the back that helps it to sit neatly across the collar area of evening gowns giving plain dresses a beautiful new look.

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