Red Bowtie Sequin Extra Large Jumbo circus Clown Bow Tie
Large Bow Tie Sequin Jumbo  Red Clown Bowtie Funny Costume

Red Bow Tie, Extra Large Jumbo Circus Clown Sequin Bowtie on Elastic

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Jumbo Clown Red Bow Tie  10 cm high and about 25cm across!  It's that single definitive little piece that sets your look for comedy apart. This jumbo sequined bow tie is large, glittering with an abundant feel of showmanship and the feel of a clown about to break into his nonsensical tirade. A must for all those budding comedians who wish to make juts the right impact with their hilarity as with their costume. The fabric used to create this glittering bow tie is sequin printed and the colour is so dramatically rich that it will be beautifully offset by a frilly white shirt. Any musical needing bow ties or a comedian wanting to make his costume stand out among many can wear this bow tie as its proportions itself make it quite ridiculously likeable - 10 cm high and about 25cm across! A must have for budding clowns or for those kids who are going to be appearing in some kind of school play or musical that demands over the top kind of dressing. The brilliant glittering red coloured bow ties can be fastened across with an elastic band at the back of the collar. Make your appearance on stage come alive with this glittering jumbo red bow tie and feel the part instantly!

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