Pink feather ring headband  fairy garland with long ribbon and bow at back

Pink Feather garland

Regular price $9.99
Sometimes less is amore and what better way to show this than this prettily designed crown made of marabou feather that is dainty, classy and utterly adorable. A perfect pick for pretty flower girls or the little fairy who steals your heart with her adorable looks. A simple yet prettily designed marabou feather crown, that fits well across the crown of the head with any kind of heaviness or discomfort that children generally complain about. The cloud like fluff of marabou feathers is just the right material to give your little angel the look so heavenly and innocent that she will truly resemble a little fairy about to spin her magic. The pink marabou is soft. Light and twined around the crown in manner such the base is completely hidden. The finish is given with a tiny little pink rosebud and satin organza ribbon that flutters daintily. A nifty piece of accessory that is about 16 cm in diameter is what will truly transform your look to a different level of beauty.

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