mirror feng shui hanger mobile


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The healing and positive powers of feng shui can be yours now with this simple set of mirror hangers handcrafted with tiny beads and glittering mirrors that sway and dance with the breeze sourcing positive energies into your realm and pulling out the negative. The pretty set of two feng shui hangers are crafted from glass beads and multiple glittering mirrors. The length is about 50cm and the top is made of a larger mirror that is diamond shaped from which hang three strands of beads interspersed with mirrors that create the most mesmerizing of effects. These feng shui mirror hangers are known to bring peace, prosperity and happiness into the interiors of the spaces they are positioned in. A great way to decorate a window or the doorway or large openings, the mirrors catches the light and the hanger glitters as it catches the light. A great gift for a housewarming and would be a gift loved by those who believe in the magic of charms and are concerned with harbouring positive forces and losing the negative vibrations.

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