Magic fairy wand

Heart Wand

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Magic Wishing Heart Fairy Wand, Handcrafted with beads and sequins in the most amazing of colours this love heart magic wand is an accessory for all those days of imaginative play, costume party and for just looking great for some great reason! Wish for love all around with this magical wand sporting a heart full of love and beauty will make it seem possible. A one of a kind love heart designed magic wand that sits atop the 15 inch long stick/  40 cm tall stick wrapped in satin ribbon. It's a fun accessory that blends in well with fairy, princess or any fantasy land theme. The colours are as vivid as they are subtle - from silver and pink to blue and lilac - they are also available in two different sizes - each having a gorgeous pattern hand worked and sprinkled with bead work. A unique feature in the wand is the pattern that is seen at the center of the heart which is very special to each piece, making them all one of a kind. Watch the pride with which your little one will carry it when you gift it to her.

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