sequin star fairy wand stick

Star Wand

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The ultimate fairyland accessory created with the child's imagination in mind - this beautifully handcrafted piece is a work of art. Sequined in the most amazing of colours, The stars are placed atop a 40 cm high ribbon covered stick. Hours of imaginative play is guaranteed when you pick this glittering hand crafted star wand for your little fairy. She will go into raptures over its glittering sequins and gorgeous beadwork, uniquely created into different designs. The foam padding of the inner structure ensures that the star wand has no sharp or pointy ends that could cause any kind of injury while playing. The grip of the wand is stable and being lightweight, will be easily carried by children .The wand does not just have a beautifully structured star but the stick also has been a given a neat finish. The colours range from the brightest of magenta pink to the softest light pink, lilac, silver and gold - a colour for every little girl's fairy costume.

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