Thumberlina Fairy doll in a little matchbox bed decorated with beads glitter
Little fairy doll matchbox decorated with glitter beads and sequins
Fairy Matchbox bed fairy garden bed
Fairy Garden bed matchbox fairy doll lays down inside decorated box
Little fairy miniture bed thumberlina doll fairy garden matchbox bed flower bead glitter decoration
Miniture fairy garden fairy doll bed

Fairy matchbox

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A delightful  miniature thumberlina fairy doll in a handmade matchbox bed, embellished with stones, beads, glitter and feathers. Perfect for Fairy Garden ornament or gift trinket.  Fairy doll in bed is a sweet little gift and will help your little angel find hours of joy as she plays or uses it to make her fairy collection more vivid and adorable with this fairy in a matchbox. An incomparable piece of fairy land accessory that is as lovable as it is awe - inspiring in its minute detailing.The bejewelled match box is the home of this delightful miniature fairy with her pretty little face gamine and full of life peeping out from the folds of the tiny box embellished with feather and beads. You may pick up one with your favourite colour combination be it silver pink, blue silver, gold pink or turquoise purple. Hear her gasp in joy as she finds this matchbox fairy tucked inside a Christmas stocking - or delight your little angel's friends by giving this away as a birthday party favour. Each fairy bed has its own unique look as each piece has been handmade to a neat finish. Let her discover the joy of this surprise when she pushes open the match box interior.

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