Fairy doll Thumberlina Dolly Wand

Fairy Doll Stick Thumberlina Dolly Wand

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A tiny version of the easter dolly on stick. Thumberlina dolly wand or  magic fairy wand that is topped by a pretty baby pink fairy beautifully engulfed in the folds of soft tulle, with her wings and her tiny face clearly visible - a must have for all those little girls who thrive on and feel the joy of magic and the fantasy world surrounding fairies. Sitting atop a 30 cm long wand is this fluff of the lightest of fabrics which holds in its soft folds the most delicate and loving of all fairies whose wings though small do not stop her from exploring with your little girl, the world of magical fantasy. Each piece holds its own unique look  they will accessorize your darling's outfit which she will love to flaunt as her most prized accessory. The finish of the magic wand is neat with satin ribbon wrapped around the stick and a bow at the top. You'd find it a handy prop for story telling sessions or do help play dress - up. The little baby fairy holds the key to the flight to the magic world and comes with her glittering tiny metal wings securely placed on her back.


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