dreamcatcher Mobile Blue Star feathers Gold thread

Dreamcatcher Mobile

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Dreamcatcher mobile hanger in bright blue with star feature in centre. 11cm diametre fo the ring. The perfect accompaniment for those soft moments of ease and comfort that transports you into its world of dreams - this dream catcher mobile will soothe with its soft movement. The dream catcher's legend seems to be beautifully replicated in this glittering array of spinning feathers hanging in strands of delicate  colour of one's innocent dream. It is believed that the web that is found on the top of the mobile will catch all bad dreams from filtering down to the floor  below and the ones that will bring joy to him will trickle down the central hoop. This mobile dream catcher is a marvelous combination of soft colours, texture; a hypnotically spinning decoration that will immediately soothe the person helping them drift away to the land of beautiful dreams. A peaceful and harmonious blend of form and motion that any new mother would love to have in her baby's room.The star in the center and the bead embellishment make the piece all the more irresistible. 11cm Diametre ring with hanging blue feathers. 


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