Feather Butterfly Glitter Decoration  ornaments Hairclips or Cake Topper
Feather Butterfly Ornament Decoration butterflies theme party room
 Butterfly Decoration Sequin Glitter Feather Ornament

Butterfly Feather Glitter Decoration on hairclips

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Box of twelve versatile glitter butterflies clips that are made from natural feathers, they durable with clip on the back.   These Feather Butterfly decoration with alligator clips can be used for many different forms of embellishments and come in the most vivid of colour palettes. Simply slide them on to the material you need to place them on and they will hold on with ease - be it fabric, paper or hair. Affordable and effective in its impact, these magical glittering butterflies will be loved even as party favours. It comes in asset of twelve exotic shades that can only be called magical .From snowy silvery white to gorgeous deep blue, pink of candy to the purple and gold - these twelve clips are sized like an actual butterfly and can be used in a variety of places like curtain or window hangings, hair and hat decoration, a brooch for a plain dress or simply used in the hair for a flower girl butterfly theme wedding or to enhance a butterfly themed wedding  party. Their glittering butterfly iridescent wings will be a presence that will surely bring out the theme of these surreal creatures to the fore. 

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