Crystal Pouch Necklace beadwork star motif

Crystal Pouch Necklace Beaded Star

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An amazing piece of beadwork pouch accessory made from the finest of glass beads, woven into an intricate star shape pattern which doubles up not just as a necklace but a little crystal pouch as well. A perfect little piece that helps our little princess or fairy carry her precious magical object close to her heart! Available in colours that will surely match to most costumes. The double strand necklace is neat in its finish, and ends with a tiny match box sized pouch with a star design not just in the front but also the rear. The flap rests neatly on the front and the pouch looks somewhat like a large star pendant. The necklace can be your little secret pocket in which to carry your most loved possession though it would certainly not be too much of a a secret considering how it will catch everyone's attention right away! A delightful piece of versatile jewellery idea that cannot only make the little princess or fairy look gorgeous but also allow her to carry her precious little belongings real close to her heart! Here is another offering from Fairy Magic which makes you want to dress up in its great styles again and again.

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