Soft Pink Marabou feather Boa Quality 2 metre length long baby pink feather trim boa

Osterich Boa

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Soft Pink Osterich Boa, This feather boa is the sweetest soft pink - it's the one accessory to make a difference to your stage appearance. Feel the pleasure of luxury and style in its comforting embrace.  Blame it on Marilyn - well if it were not for Goddesses of the silver screen, Ostrich feather boas would never have gained their place under the sun. This offering from our collection skittles all doubts about your party dress as its soft and plush feathers envelopes you in their luxuriant embrace for burlesque or even Gastby Party theme style costume. The high quality natural feathers have been dyed to a perfect color tone in pink - light, frothy as air yet soft and warm - it will hide yet reveal, tantalize yet conceal with great style. Wrap it around your darling if she is all set for a fairy theme party -  the longer two metre length  luxuriant  ostrich feather boa constructed from all natural feather to compliment any girl's need to add the necessary oomph value to her party dress or costume. length 2 Metres or 6.5 foot.


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