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Glitter Butterfly Decoration on Wire
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Glitter Butterfly Decoration on Wire

Regular price $12.00

 A magical looking box of 12 gorgeously handcrafted feather butterflies with glorious glitter designs, They hugely versatile in their usage, Butterfly theme wedding, Floral Bouquet decoration,  Cake topper, Room decoration, Christmas Tree decoration, Butterfly theme birthday party.

14 colour combination options truly elevate the charm of this set of twelve  feather butterflies on a 25cm length of florist wire.

Neatly trimmed feathers form the base of these butterflies that come in colour combination that are stunningly exotic. 9 cm of wing span makes them seem close to the real stuff. The florist wire provided at the back of each of these glittering creatures makes it easy to place and use it in a variety of ways - on flower decorations, tables, curtains or as part of the decor in any possible way. You may embellish the special birthday or anniversary cake you baked or simply use it to enhance the theme chosen be it fairy or princess. The feathers do not fray and may be used numerous times. Highly affordable this set can come in handy to decorate Christmas trees or the special gifts you wish to hand out .The amazing range of colour combinations will help you pick one that will surely meet your need as they come in shades of blues, silvers, pinks, purples and even black and lime.

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