Feathers are a favourite costume accessory, add bundles of attitude to an ordinary dress immediately bringing the personality into focus. A feather boa is one such accessory that pitches style to the highest note. Our feather boas can be bought in a variety of colours from softest of shades to the more warm tropical colours complimenting many styles of dressing and many different backdrops - a perfect pick for costume dramas, school plays  and parties that demand some special dressing, as in the case of theme parties and the likes. 

If you're interested in anything that has feathers as a feature, ask us about helping you find what's right for your event or costume. We have fans, boas, feather Angel Halos, feather fringe trim, and decorative feather craft trim. 

Feathers have been used in rituals in cultures around the world for as long as we can remember, with stories handed down about instructions for enacting ceremonies, making head wear and costumes, and giving blessings before taking feathers or before they can be used. Think Rio Mardi Gras!
Every tribal culture used feathers and today, they continue to be honored in tribal history and legend. Even modern day costumes used at festivals, theme parties and celebrations include feathers for all sorts of accessories and ornamentation.

Feather fans
Use our feather fans for weddings, parties, costumes, burlesque, dance recitals, and theater or school productions.

• The peacock feather fan is the most spectacular with 16 natural peacock feathers making up the top row and another row of dramatic black feathers below.
• Fans make great wall art. Hang them in groups of two or three above another natural element such as a plant or fountain. Use them as part of a centrepiece or tablescape at a sit down dinner event such as a wedding.

Feather boas
Our boas come in  two metre lengths. All feathers and boas can be purchased by the piece or in a larger/bulk quantity. They are in stock here in Australia and ready to be shipped. Ask us about a bulk feather order if you need a larger quantity.

• The ostrich feather boa is light pink and soft as a cloud. It's a particular favourite among Marilyn Monroe types. This luxurious top quality feather boa makes a fabulous scarf or neck wrap.

Our marabou boa trim comes in ten colours. 
. Use them in all your craft projects such as making jewelry, on handbags and in millinery.
 Use feathers and boas for burlesque, dress up, cosplay, hen parties, fun costumes, Sydney Mardi Gras, theatre and school productions, dance groups, and in weddings and other celebrations.
The tinsel boa is thick and fluffy with just a bit of sparkle to up the energy for your costume or production.

 Feather boas are available in the following colours:

  •  Lime
  •  Rainbow
  •  Light blue
  •  Lilac
  •  Black
  •  White
  •  Purple
  •  Light pink
  •  Candy pink
  • Hot pink

If you want to dress up your event with a huge flash of decadence, boas and feathers can make the difference between a nice costume and an impressive theatrical statement.

Give yourself over to your imagination and use our feathers and boas in striking ways:
• Decorate the hem and neckline of your wedding gown with white boas for a fabulous ice queen effect.
• Create a garland to hold your veil in place, or use one rolled into a snowball and add it to your fascinator.
• Wedding Chair decorations with feather boas,Wrap the boas around center pieces and drape them over the backs of guests' chairs, or run them along your head table.
• Have an arch created using all feathers or white boas, or use boas in your theme color.
• Sew them to the hem of ice skating skirts, ski caps, and mufflers. DIY projects and craft supplies.
• Trim cushions with feathers

We've got all kinds of ideas for you. If you need help, we're here all year round to suggest different ways you can make your parties and costumes memorable using feathers and boas.

We want to see the great pictures you've taken with all the creative ways you're using our boas. We love to hear from you and see how you've used your imagination. Like us, Pin us, Tweet us. It's always fun to go crazy with feathers!