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Bulk pearls sold by the gram for jewelry makers and artisans. The glow of these cultured pearls is what makes them so classy and superior in quality and the sizes they are available in range right from the seed or rice grain size to the baroque sized large pearls. The colours are apricot, creamy white black and also a delicate pink with a lovely rose overtone. These strings of pearls would suit any costume that requires a regal look of grandeur. Can be worn as strings with gowns and fairy dresses, or with any other costume for period dramas, where it would immediately add the sepia glow of the old times. The pearls are high class, superior finish and glow in the soft lights as much under the high glare of stage lighting. It helps complete your jewellery piece. look working as strings around the neck or wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. The inimitable look of pearls can never be mistaken for anything else as they lend oodles of class to your look. All Jewellers around the world love working with genuine stones and pearl. These cultured pearls into the  ultimate handmade jewelry accessory, which enhances your look instantly and these strands of cultured pearls in a range of hues, sold per gram will instantly provide you your very own princess look, the feel of a queen or a mermaid goddess adorned with pearls  from the world of the ocean. The sizes they are available in allow its usage in different ways.

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