Our jewelry is mostly created using white cowries which are only collected from the worlds most abundantly overflowing shell beaches The shells are carefully  arranged with seed beads to create the unusual patterns in our chokers, wristbands, belts, and necklaces. The history and meaning of the cowrie shell Cowries are indigenous to warm waters, mainly the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. They have functioned for centuries as a form of money, and have been used extensively in jewelry making, ornamentation and decorative arts as well as being part of spiritual ceremonies. • If you're attracted to the cowry shell, your spirit is aligned with the ocean spirit. You have a powerful connection to the sea and its strength. • Cowries are said to symbolize the power of destiny and prosperity Whatever way you choose to use our cowries and cowry jewelry, you'll sense an exotic appeal when you look at them or feel their pleasing porcelain-like surface. In fact, the word "porcelain" comes from the original word for the cowry, porcellana. Cowries have been used to transfer power and good fortune, so if someone gives you cowry shells as a gift, they're giving you a way to improve your life as an extension of your inner self. This "sympathetic magic" as it's called offers positive energy, good luck and blessings. Fairy Magic has been in the business of creating wings and fairy costumes for more than two decades, and we believe our accessories are some of the finest you'll find. Here are some of the cowry pieces we have to offer. Cowry shell ocean spirit wristband If you like the idea of natural organic materials and want to add a touch of this to your jewelry collection, this slim band is set onto braided jute with primary color beads linking the white cowries. This wristband is understated and perfect for the young in spirit. The simple design is suitable for men and boys, too, so give it as a gift of friendship, sisterhood, or brotherhood. Flower shell necklace Nine "flowers" with five "petals" each are created using our white porcelain-like cowries, and each flower is double layered so there's a top shell and a bottom shell for each petal. A hot pink satin overlay makes up the flower's center. Shell flowers are separated by soft pink round beads, and the necklace has a simple ring closure. The flower shell necklace is a wonderful accessory for mermaids, fairies, angels, and bohemians of all ages. Cowry shell single row wristband, armband, belt, or choker These are set onto cotton backing and beautifully crafted with a seed bead border that surrounds each shell, setting the white cowry apart from the background. Turquoise, white, amber and black, or black and white beads each have a different appeal. Fasteners are either a tie at both ends or a loop and button closure. Cowry shell double row wristband, armband, belt, or choker The double row of shells on these pieces really ups the aesthetic quality of the cowries. Choose from angled shells that appear as Xs and Os and are surrounded by seed beads; straight double rows surrounded by seed beads with or without a central cabochon; an arrangement of small and larger cowries that can be interpreted as four-leaf clovers, fleur de lys, crosses, or flowers; or a triple row of small shells with a central cabochon surrounded by seed beads. Tell us what you're looking for and let us help you choose your entire costume or suggest accessories and additional pieces to complement your existing costume. Wear our beautiful cowry jewelry every day to stay connected to the spirit of the sea and the friends you share it with. "There is a powerful Goddess who lives in the sea and gives rewards by washing cowrie shells up to the shore as a token of recognition for those who please her. These spiritual gifts are sought by many who do not live by the sea and so are traded for their value as a gift from the Diety." Fairy Magic has a variety of beautifully designed and crafted cowry jewelry that you can use to accessorize your costumes. Mermaids and mermen, water creatures of all sorts, fairies and other winged folk all love to wear shells to connect them to the sea.