black bat wings halloween Dog or Child size costume glitter design
Child or Dog small batwings bat wing costume body glitter trim wings with elastic straps
black costume batwings child dog size.
Dog size halloween black bat wings batwings with elastic and glitter trim

Small Bat Wings

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40 cm black Batwing span, Halloween or Batman Costume accessory, flexible with bat body centre and elastic straps. Easy and comfortable for a child to wear, one would immediately feel its quiet power and nocturnal good looks. Batwings are a special form of wings that have distinctive look necessary to pull off a vampire look or a Batman look to perfection. Fits lightly across the shoulder with ease and suits all those wanting the sinister look necessary for such role play or costume drama. Begin a costume adventure with these batwings that will invoke the spirit of the night and draw in as much excitement for the wearer as the one who participates alongside. A great accessory for some extreme Halloween costume drama experience! A neat set of bat wings that will enhance the look of a vampire or batman costume with great flourish owing much to the dense nocturnal effect created by these specially designed batwings that will fit an adult or a child with equal ease. Each spirit gravitates towards the right kind of wings.

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