Sequin beaded fairy tiara crown headband costume accessory purple lilac gold
purple sequin crown fairy party
Crown Tiara sequin jewelled fancy dress costume purple

SEQUIN JEWEL CROWN handmade mermaid fairy sequin tiara headband child adult

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The glitter and dazzle of sequins highlight this peaked traditionally shaped crown that come an amazing array of colours; an ideal adornment for those who wish to accessorize their princess, fairy or mermaid costumes with an eclectic twist.A typical crown with the raised peak at the centre, embellished richly with sequins all along the frontage makes this crown stand out amongst many .Completely handmade, its uniqueness also lies in the fact that no two pieces are alike as they all are individually hand crafted and finished off with great care and perfection. The colour combinations also help you select just the right one to suit your costume - be it silver lilac, candy pink of purple silver; the shades have been matched thoughtfully to help you find one that is just the right one for your need. The peaks in the crown have been highlighted with beads and the sequins in each of the variants have been given a different pattern which builds in the uniqueness. The flexibility of the crown makes it easy to wrap around the head and it sits comfortably across the crown of the head.

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