Christmas Angel Fairy Costume Fancy Dress Angel wings costume hot pink
Fancy Dress Costume Angel Wings pink black
Fallen Angel Wings Black Silver Glitter wearable angle wings
Fancy Dress Purple Black Angel Glitter Wings angle
Angel Wings costume angle wings pink gold
Angel Wings Glitter feather dress up fancy dress Angle wings blue silver
Christmas Fairy Angel Wings Glitter Angel Wings Hot Pink Angle wings dress up  studio
Angel Wings  Pink Silver Glitter angle wing
Fancy Dress Angel Wings Costume Lavender lilac, light purple Angle wings
Angel Wings for Kids dress up party  christmas carol costume set
Angel Wings Costume Wings Black Purple glitter kids child toddler party wear
Angel Wings Glitter
Angel Wings Glitter
Christmas Angel Fairy Wings dress up fancy dress costume

Angel Wings Glitter

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Angel wings that can be strapped on with great ease with elastic at the back, embellished gorgeously with glitter feather like strokes and swirls used to form a pretty pattern.  These are the kind of wings that will suit a child or an adult alike. Lightweight and stunning in its look, the 40 cm wide span certainly impresses when worn as an Angel costume. These angel wings impress with their neat finish and gorgeous colour combination. Try them on your little angel as she prepares to dress up for an angel theme party or use them for your own dress - up time to accessorize the naughty angel or the fallen angel look donning the dark hued one for the authentic feel. The wings are available in 12 stunning colours combinations each worked on with glitter in a dazzling hue. The straps fit easily on the shoulders and feel light and comfortable. Will be loved by your little girl who would want to wear it repeatedly for all her special days be it a birthday, a school play, ballet concert or an Angel themed party needing a costume makeover.


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