Beaded sequin design Skirt Fairy Tutu Adult Teenage  Purple tulle net costume
Adult Teenage Purple Fairy Skirt Tutu Beaded sequin feature handmade

Fairy Skirt Beaded Sequin Feature Waistband

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A ravishing skirt in a vivid shade of purple that uses beads and sequins to create a dramatic effect. A must for those wanting to wear a dress that makes a statement with its colour and style .A perfect pick for wonderland or fairy dream costume parties where glitter and shine is the way to do it . The mid thigh length skirt is a treat to the eye which has much to do with the manner in which the double layer of tulle has been combined with the satin below. Purple is a colour that combines beautifully with the bead and sequin work seen on the waistband which is the highlight of this skirt. The waist is about 68cm and is structured from satin giving a pretty clinched look that makes the pleats of the tulle flare out in a gorgeous froth of pleats as if flowering outwards. The edges have been embellished with bead droplets which again go to make this a truly magical feel. Teamed with a lace top this could be the single piece of clothing to make your costume for a special theme party truly sensational.

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