Crystal Pouch Necklace Beadwork Fringe Handmade

Magic Crystal Pouch Beaded Necklace

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This beaded magic pouch has a great finish, handcrafted from tiny glass beads that have carefully followed a certain tribal ethnic design to perfection. Used as a crystal pouch, The colours are as vivid as it can get and the effect of the design is stunning. Tiny beads are woven into perfect magical pattern that is truly different. It may be worn as an accessory or simply a little pouch with a difference in which one could carry magic fairy dust, a little gift trinket or any special thing close to your heart. It's a great place to hide away your lucky charm. When you have this necklace on you, two things will surely be yours - a lot of compliments and of course a look that is totally unique and fresh. It comes in colours that are charming and picked so as to easily blend with most costumes. Bring the magic of your beautiful fairy costume to a whole new level with this beaded pouch in myriad patterns and colours to suit all your accessory needs. Add the gentle glitter of glass beads to your bohemian look or simply decide to adorn yourself with something unique and utterly pretty.