Mermaid tail doll decoration  turquiose costume underwater handmade doll
Mermaid tail doll tree decoration hanger mobile turquoise blue

Mermaid Tail Doll with Butterfly Wings Turquoise

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This mermaid doll come with iridescent tail that gleams and glitter The fine gold mermaid crown around her long flowing hair, the glitter wings, the mermaid bra covered with flowers, and the flowing silk wisps in her costume, all of these create the underwater feel with their sublime colour combinations. Magical handmade mermaid doll is a beautiful gift for all mermaid lovers. The world of mermaids is fast becoming a favourite interest with all mermaid crazed enthusiasts.  The mythical symbol of beauty and magic can be yours when you bring home their replicas approx 10 inches or  25 cm  which will help you explore their mystery and enjoy their beauty. These beautifully crafted mermaid dolls are available in four gorgeous colours, lilac, pale pink , turquoise and purple - to suit the fancy of all who like different colour choices.  You may place it on a flat surface or hand it with the help of the cord at the back of the piece. Excellent as a gift for someone who loves the ocean world or things mystical and it also is something your child will love to have in the room. The detailing on each of the mermaids is breathtakingly lifelike.

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