Peacock feather fan
peacock feather fan

Peacock Feather Fan

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An accessory that ups the ante in style and amazes you with its luxurious feel - these feather fan lend period drama as an accessory as well as part of the décor with their neat finish and dramatic looks. Think Prince of Persia, eastern melodrama, burlesque backdrops or creating of 1920's lavish old world look - a feather fan is the best bet in any such costume drama. Natural feathers are assembled to give a luxurious feel of a classic feather fan which come in  the dazzling colours of peacock feather. Add the necessary edge to your period look, whether carried in person or used as a wall decor, these feather fans instantly add a vintage angle and a somewhat magical look. The peacock feather fan is dense in its look with an upper layer of peacock feather and a row of black feather at the base highlighting the colours above. The construction of each fan has been flawlessly worked on by hand and the feathers are all natural.


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