Crochet Cotton Kids Hat
Kids Crochet Hat Buttercup Yellow baby
Crochet Hat child toddler Baby cap Mushroom Red
Crochet Child Handmade hat Green Pixie Peter Pan Elf baby child toddler
Kids Crochet Hat small rim flower top

Crochet Hat Baby to Toddler

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Natural cotton forms the yarn with which these hand crocheted hats have been created to suit different strokes for different folks - which means that you have your pick not just from four colours but also what they individually portray - the sunflower, the pixie hat, the ladybug and the buttercup hat - each a marvellous accessory to keep the sun away from the face and to make your little darling look his or her best!  Crocheted hats have been around forever and have been the easiest and most effective way to keep the heat off your child's face and head on days when the garden is the place to be. But what more could one ask for if the same ol' hat could serve the need of accessorizing a costume. Fairy Magic Byron Bay has worked out four enigmatic ways of using the crochet hat to help a costume look better. Use the buttercup theme hat for the little fairy who is yet learning the use of her wings - the pixie peter pan hat for the naughty little creature who loves fun and flying about, the sunflower hat for that angel who spreads sunshine wearing her yellow flower dress and the ladybug hat would go splendidly with the garden fairy for the little one who loves to tinkerbell about in the garden. This soft crochet hat would fit children from the age of baby to toddlersup to 4 years old.

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