At Fairy Magic you’ll find wings for every creature that glitters beyond the rainbow including fairies, sprites, angels, and butterflies, in colors and styles that glimmer and twinkle like pixie dust, or outshine the sun with bursts of pure radiance.

We’d love to hear how you use your wings. Send us an Instagram, share us on Facebook, and Tweet your fairy court about your new find.  

Whether you’re looking for something for a costume event, a child, a group, or you want an exquisite set of wings for yourself, have a look  through our fairy kingdom and make the pick the one that you love 

SIZE Start with your physical size and determine if you can handle a large set of wings or if you’re more comfortable with a smaller set.  Think about your height. Some wings are long and narrow while others are wide.

Color is your last decision. Naturally, if you’re planning a wedding, you’ll choose something compatible with your theme colors. If you have no color restrictions, just choose what you like.

CUSTOM MADE BESPOKE WINGS Let us help you. Tell us what your vision is for your wedding, recital, theme party, or other event.  We can make almost any wing in any color, and we can make custom wings to suit your event theme or your individual style. email us to ask for a quote.